Sunday, May 1, 2011

What's the Grand View...

...from where I sit?  And why does it matter, this notion of sending one's voice into the ether? Why send yet another voice popping about in the spheres to nowhere and everywhere, meandering about and taking bytes out of the web?

I sit on my balcony on a blessedly gorgeous afternoon, pondering what feel to me like important, heart-pounding questions, the sun at my back and the wind gently whipping the parts of my hair that aren't tied back, gently whipping sun-sparked tendrils in the direction of the mensch of a man I love, to whom I've been married for 26 years and with whom I've raised a child to a beautiful young woman of 18.   

My grand view from the microcosm of this balcony is this: It's our dear ones who matter most, and it is for them as much or more as for myself that I seek to help ~ in my own way, as I can ~ to make the world a place where we can all thrive and align in joyful expression of divinely-imbued gifts, at every reasonable and possible opportunity, if we choose (and which I believe is our call to Earth).

And... I want to help dream awake the understanding and knowing that a growing number of us are stepping up and into our birthright of unconditional love and acceptance of one HumanKind on this blessed 3rd Rock. I do, I do believe on that. I'm full of faith and trust. I'm a Pollyanna who has soared to the heights of happiness and crash-landed plenty, getting up again and taking off again and golly won't this next take off be the BEST! Tidily stated:  Be of Good Heart, Be of Good Cheer, Have Faith in the Multiverse, and Trust Yourself.  

So.... why does it matter where I'm sitting and what I see? Why does it matter that I don't just know and value such things about my own world, my own locus of control? Why do I feel a pressing need to broadcast my randomly woven observations and philosophies, to share absurdities and deep truths from the Divinity of Source as gleaned and carved from a blessed and cooperative community of caring creatives who color and inform and weave through my blessed life?  

Because it's time. It's time I realize that my special joy is noodling with words. It's time I stepped up to the talk of acting in alignment with joy, and embrace the knowing that ~ for me ~ that means inspiring the Pollyanna in all of us, even and especially when times are really tough, as they are now, and are classically apt to be just before everything gets much-much better. From the days of our lives to the global condition, truth usually is stranger than fiction folks, so strap in and watch for the potholes, because our planet is surely on one bumpy ride. Times are messy. Times are dangerous. The beasties are angry as our power of multiversal love grows stronger and takes it to the streets and the interconnectivity of the webs....

Birth is messy and dangerous, too. And it surely seems like a plentysomething number of souls chose these times to come here to help birth a new humanKind. I've comfortably, willingly, enthusiastically accepted the notion that I'm one of that growing many, here to provide love and transmute the dark with our heartfire.  

I'll bet there's no handicapping
in heaven...
My Daddy (rest his soul... oh, who am I kidding? He's enjoying a lovely round of golf and cocktails, I'm almost sure), my Daddy wished for me roots and wings, so it's perhaps natural that I would develop a grand-view-perspective of soaking in the abundance of Sunshine, Starshine, and Multiversal Love... pulling it in, sharing it with others... grounding it to where we are now... and deeply rooting in an appreciation that we're all brothers and sisters born of G8d's eternal love for us, shaded in the abundance of the Tree of Life (and, at the very least, we're all one humanity stuck on this rock). To me, Dad's namesake star, Alden Dale, in the area of Orion's belt (which, despite the light pollution, can be viewed on most nights here in the City of Angels), is a reminder that we have to strap in to wherever we are, and aim our bow towards true north, a metaphor for my heart's compass. 

It's an attitude like that that's fed my social justice and progressive passions and activisms over the years, and that helped me three years ago to make a Monumental Breakthrough in my Life: I challenged myself to send love to Dick Cheney. It took a lot of breathing. A lot of meditating. I'd read more than a person should know about his crimes and deeds, and to even think of him would OMG...! My throat tightens and heart pounds just to remember those feelings. Seriously, to stop and really truly send love to a guy like that, see the potential of catching a glimpse of his own divine spark.... THAT was my challenge to walk the talk of Oneness.  

I pretended the love at first. And then realized pretending is taking care of something before it happens.  So I consciously practiced the love, and by golly it started to happen for real, just like in that Christmas cartoon about the Grinch. I could feel love and compassion for the soul of someone doing what I regard as hateful things, I could feel good feelings growing and glowing within me, and had found what for me is an almost magic potion for dealing with the awful news of the world: To be glad when it's exposed to the light of sourced truth, and to be mindful of sending love to the situation, which taps the authentic flow of multiversal forces to help flip the result towards Best Possible. 

So.... indeed. Why broadcast randomly woven observations, philosophies, absurdities and deep truths from the Divinity of Source as gleaned and carved from a blessed and cooperative community of caring creatives who color and inform and weave through my life? In other words, why share my blathers to the ether?

I've come to realize in the 50+ years I've inhabited this particular plane: Me alone is wonderful.  Me alone is comfortable.  But me shared = us squared. If what I share here helps just one more person feel (even embrace) a spark of the potent possibilities of participating in creatively conscious, compassionately collaborative Divinity in action on Earth, then my work here is done.  

And thus it is that after years of encouragement from divinely bright people, I officially and actually start a blog. What the freakin' heck. From the political to the cultural to the metaphysical and beyond, I've reserved a space for me, Pollyanna Grounding. A hopefully comfy, cozy place, my sweet spot of turf, for sharing perspectives on tending, curating and maintaining an abundantly co-creative, divine awakening in the world ~ as I wrote that, a ladybug flew by and landed on my statue of Quan Yin ~ for excavating truth out of the quotidian, and striving to ground to the postive in these trying times on Mama Earth.

Whoever's along for the ride, all loving and benevolent spirits are welcome. All who seek a spot of hopeful solace while sometimes taking hard looks at the underbelly of the Darkside can be encouraged in finding a Forceful comrade in co-creative community. We come to release the old and embrace the new in regenerative restoration, to dream awake strong and healthy roots for our lives and glowing vibrant wings for our souls. Whoever you are, y'all come back now, ya hear? 


  1. Synchronistically, so exquisitely perfectly, my daughter approached me as I was wrapping up the post, to show me the progress she's making on her fairy wings for a costume, a guardian of the library fairy. Rock freakin' ON, Life. Keep speaking to me. Namaste and A HO!

  2. Loved reading this Susan, and I look forward to reading many more. You have already inspired me to be always sending out love. It is wonderful to have an ally in the co-creation of loving transformation! <3

  3. Also... not sure if this link will work, but here's a huge inspiration that led to the question that led to the piece I posted today....

  4. ALL RIGHT! We have to have a reason for these things reinhardrites is up in the 80 postings and who wants to know about a failed writer without a family, but I think I've added some insights and learned a lot about myself and the world. You have a great style and a lot of material. So...HERE WE GO!

  5. Thank you, Namaste, my dear Sister Jen! Heart's afire ~ let's LIGHT this candle!

  6. Yo, Reinhard! Us Susans gotsta stick together.... Write on, Right On!

  7. So why does it matter? It matters because you matter. Blog on Suze!

  8. Loved it on different levels. Read it first for the words because beautiful words all strung together deserve a life of their own and read it again slowly and realized what it meant was also wonderful and perfect. Susan is trying to bring something back we haven't seen much lately --- the world of love, joy, and happiness.

  9. Wendie & Lance & Lynn & Jill ~ thank you... My world's a better place for you folks being in it.

  10. Love it, Suze. So happy you're doing this! <3

  11. Leslie, my luv, I'm not sure what I'm doing, but I'm enjoying whatever this is ;-)