Thursday, May 19, 2011

Forgetting to Hate

There's no time like the present
to start loving each other
a lil'bit more, a lil'bit more...
A friend said something this morning I found quite clever: "I hate when I forget what to hate." Simple. Deep. Witty. (I love that! Plus, so typical of him ;-)

Like a big spark hitting tinder, this one sentence of hearts-afire thought lit inside me what feels like a Bonfire of Realization... If, as I presently believe, the Creator and a multiversal multitude of benevolent spirits speak to us in metaphor and actively work with us in a balancing act of Life's expressions (i.e., male/female, dark/light, sad/happy), then perhaps...

Hate "exists" to teach us the importance of remembering Love, sweet multiversal Love. 

Even the very notion of considering this possibly obvious and powerful conclusion as Truth gets me to imagining that we're all taking a consciously present, collective moment to envision ourselves being steeped in Love (I'll take ginger and honey in mine, thank you), so much so that it's less (or not even!) necessary for us to have any hate in our hearts. Let's envision the pockets of hate that are tucked away like dirty secrets in the very fiber and marrow of our bodies ~ creating dis-ease in untold and unfortunate ways ~ are melting away like winter's snow exposed to rays of spring's sun.

So... my morning prayer on this blessed day is that we all do what we can today ~ right now would be good ~ to share So Much Love that we simply forget that there is anything else but to do, any other way but to behave.  

Believe on, carry on, and keep on keepin' on!


  1. And, also, much appreciation and love to the Beth Joseph community of Tupper Lake, New York, in the glorious Adirondacks!

  2. It is a beautiful thought. I realized too late that I don't understand either hate or love and I have to before it's too late. My love has had too much of a selfish edge and I have to learn how to make it unquestioning and unselfish.

    Hate is being repackaged and resold and we are all confused right now. Time to stop and think.

  3. It's never too late, my dear. Now is good. Now is at once ephemeral and eternal, and it's all we have. And I'll venture the quickest way to cut through the confusion is with reams of beams of starstuffed LOVE, sweet multiversal love. Sweet dreams, Reinhard. xoxox

  4. Thanks, I needed that tonight.