Sunday, May 29, 2011

Remembering an Officer and a Gentleman

Photo Credit: Joey Vugalari

Rest in Peace (or Party on Dad ;-) Blessed Peacemaker
Arlington National Cemetery
December 13, 2010

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Alden was a wise one, he gave us sage advice...
"Don't tease water buffalo and always use fresh ice,
Be good to your mother, show respect for self,
Clean edges and corners then the middle takes care of itself.

Read all the directions, rise to see the dawn,
Get back on that horse, know when to sacrifice your pawn,
   Give to children roots and wings, dance (just because),
Pets are our family, and don't regret what was..."

Alden died quite peacefully, on my birthday.
Told my mom, "I love you," then went to sleep to stay.
When the grief descends on me, I hear his wise voice say,
"Treat it like a sore throat, and it'll go away."

Oh, Alden, if there's just one thing I hope you hear me say...
I'm Daddy's Girl forever, your love is here to stay.

~*        ~*        ~*        ~*        ~*

Memo to Colonel Alden Dale, USAF (Ret.) of Starbase Orion's Belt
1. Memorial Day has taken on a whole new meaning for many, because of you, Dear Sir.
2. Course set... Goin' to Mach 1   ;-)



  1. With a curtsy to Helen (^_^) for the boost to gettin' to doin' this one <3

  2. My friend Paula, daughter of an Air Force Colonel said the the formality and discipline of Arlington is strangely comforting. Hope it was for you. Condolences. My Dad died in 1978 of ALS, which may have been caused by is diployment to the South Pacific during the War. You grief is newer, but it sounds like he was terrific.

  3. tearing up reading this, Suze... and a smile, knowing how good and close your love with your papa was. RIP, Alden, you were well loved.

  4. Thank you, my dear Sistah JenJ xoxo

  5. And Susan, thank you for the story about your friend. Yes, I agree wholly ~ the fierce dedication they present to the pageantry of the moment... and that it was a *cold* very late fall day was suiting, since Dad was born in Vermont ;-) BONUS: As my cousin and his wife were driving into Arlington, they saw a hawk fly over. *That's* perfection <3

  6. ps: I appreciate your Dad's service & sacrifice, Reinhard. xoxo