Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lovely Visits

Long may you Light & Weave our Souls

Since you've been gone 
I've been dreaming my dear
of parties and of parades

And you're frequently there
in a natural state
where's it's casually,
 comfortably getting late

As I flow in the waves
of the ripples you leave
in the fabric of souls
you've chosen to weave
in your Life

~*        ~*        ~*

In Tender Memory of a Divinely Feminine, Consciously Co-Creative Comrade-in-Spirit 

During three decades of living in the City of Angels, I've heard coyotes howl from the canyons just once...
it was at the moment this Bright Light was laid to the Earth in final rest.

Although that was almost 18 years ago, if I close my eyes and sit still... I can still hear them.

She subsequently "visited" my dreams (and those of others, I don't doubt) for about two weeks running...
appropriate for a woman who was always a Heavenly Hostess.

With great love and appreciation to Helen's daughter
for sharing the photo, and for her sustained friendship.


  1. When we have a birth family we love and actually like, that's amazing ~ full stop, a Blessing. And if we're really, really lucky... we can know, like and love families who are in ways like "our" family. The "NeufClan" is one of those to me, and I'm forever grateful for it. Thanks, you guys... <3 <3 <3

  2. Helen was beautiful and left such wonderful memories. Sorry for your loss.

    This week a Facebook Friend gave me a beautiful gift, he told his friends to friend me and I picked up 35 new people and at least 4 are great writers.

    This is the kind of thing that makes a friend feel like family.

  3. Thanks, Susan. Sure, death is sad... but the privilege and pleasure of knowing such people? Pricelessly happy... And very cool about the new connections you're making. Write on, Reinhard. Right ON.