Friday, May 20, 2011

Let Go, Let Dog

Photo credit: Joey Vugalari
Cupcake the Flying WonderTerrier
There is no way to repel the boundless happy energy
available from this portrait.  Resistance is futile.
(Which, in this case, is a Very Good Thing.)

Dog is my co-pilot, my WingMan. Always there with adoring eyes, ever present in faith and love, perpetually watchful of our security, and available to share ~ with wholly present soulful reflection and innate understanding ~ any serenity (or sadness) on a moment's notice.

Indeed, would it not do us all some good in these (or any) times to take a lesson or two...? 

~*          ~*          ~*          ~*          ~*          ~*          ~*          ~*

Bound in delight, with wagging tails, to greet our dear ones each time they come through the door.

                                                             Take lots of naps.

When someone's hard in our faces, bothering us bigtime, and we feel like we want to bite them, offer warning growls to give them a chance to back off... 

It's great fun to play with simple toys like balls and sticks... 
but not if someone's getting hurt by them 
(and if that happens, spring into action to help).  

Wiggle. A lot.

Do goofy things that make others smile and laugh.

Regard our dear ones with warm eyes filled with love.

Drop and roll in joy, for no reason but to do it.

How will you Let Go, Let Dog today...?


  1. Dedicated with love, deep to the marrow and in the essence of every cell, to Alden Dale Dunn (1935-2010), Great Man of Men & Dog Lover.

  2. I envy Cupcake.
    There is no greater feeling
    Than running with such abandon
    That your ears flap in the wind.