Thursday, May 5, 2011

Listen to the Kid

What will you dream awake
in your falling grains of sand...?
"What if with our thoughts we really make reality? What if we're actually holograms of God?  Are trials and tribulations simply demonstrations of building a relationship with Who we are?"

Those are questions that erupted to mind over a decade ago, after pondering something my playful, curious, bright light of a daughter said in 1999 (the same year this photo was taken in Kihei, on the Hawaiian island of Maui):

"God is our human reality house."  

I'd long forgotten about these six powerful words-in-combination, until a few days ago.  An old journal had been knocked to the floor, and my eyes were drawn to it when I noticed one of our two cats sitting atop its rough-textured cover, madly kneading his claws and rendering the cover ever more textured.  It's a journal I was happy to crack open and soak in again, because it contains some poems and songs I wrote for our beloved Kiddo when she was little, along with a few bon mots of her own.

My formerly very young one would regularly serve up into daily conversation meaty dollops of what someone called "Little Buddha" wisdom , as many (or most? or all?) children do before the veil of material reality obfuscates the clear and present, open connection they seem to have with the Eternal.  She didn't have any formal religious training, other than to occasionally attend High Holiday services with us at the temple where her paternal grampa is a past-president, and neither my husband or I were at the time inclined to say anything like "God is our human reality house", so I'm fairly certain that this simple yet deeply complex observation derived from her own powerful plug into Things Universal.

Sometimes when she expressed such deep brilliance and metaphor, I would ask if it was okay for me to write it down. To my admitted dismay, she was generally reluctant that I record her observations for posterity's sake. Some of my friends were surprised to learn that I bothered to ask my child if it was okay to document such things, and wondered why I didn't write them down anyway. My view has always been that it's her Life, and I believe her soul is better served when I respect that simple (if tough for a parent) notion. In retrospect, her Saggittarian bull-headedness on the matter gave me the blessing of a lesson that it's important sometimes to simply carve beautiful moments into our hearts... to truly listen when a dear one speaks, truly see when a dear one is near... to ground in a special moment when the benefit of being alive on this plane presents like a gift to treasure in the sacred halls of Heartspeak.

All the same, thank heavens she said "Yes" to recording this one!  A dozen years later, "God is our human reality house" is still one of the more beautiful things I've ever heard a child say, uncoached and unprompted, much less an adult.  (And, I have the equivalent of her official release to use it :::CheshireCatMomGrin:::)

So.... what am I digging at here?  What's at the root of why I want to share this now? Unquestionably, twelve years on, I still find myself nurtured by the grace of the exquisite, six-words-in-combination under examination, what I regard as a Zen koan from my wise child.   And if (as I don't doubt) we're all Children of God, when's the part where we learn to behave well enough ~ for our own sakes, and more so for the sake of all the children of 3rd Rock ~ to sit at the Adult Table of Universal Life?  Will we ever grow up, and own our birthright of emulating our unconditionally loving parent?  Could we, at least, pretend we're doing that now...?   (^_^)


  1. ...Is reality really any more than
    a shared, collective hunch?
    One must agree that it is all subjective
    - Of course, that's what I say... ;^)

  2. Nice, Suze - a reminder to write down my favorite Teelaisms. Here's one from 2009:
    "Mom, do you know what a spork is? It’s like a minotaur, half horse, half man. The spork is half spoon, half fork"

  3. :::shrugs shoulders towards Costa Rica:::

    :::blows kiss to Teela's momma:::
    That rocks! I expect that from here on, I will see sporks in a far more mythically powerful way...

  4. Precious beyond words, Susan. I believe also that we are those hollograms or manifestations of God and the child thought is often more naturally in touch with reality. I've also read that the young child can sometimes remember a prior life experience or more exactly the earlier experience before she came to you.

    I was looking forward to your next post in this precious green (for freshness) place, where your lovely thoughts spring up. I needed it today especially and I thank you.

  5. Aw, Jill ~ Thank you! That's so sweet of you to say, and I'm glad you enjoy what's growing here in my garden of thoughts.

    Funny (as in synchronistic) you should mention the children remembering prior life experiences, since I just came from visiting the website, featuring the work of an old transpersonal psych prof of mine, and it touches on exactly such themes! See my fb page for the post about his book "The End of Materialism" ;-)

  6. I like a phrase you have to sit quietly and think about. I have a very odd religious life. Raised Lutheran, now a Unitarian, but, through the female line, I can call myself Jewish.

    Your piece inspires me to start looking into the Talmud and other teachings. A wise daughter, indeed.

  7. p.s. About the reference in the comment above regarding my old professor... since posting it I've added favored links to the blog (scroll down to find the Root Cellar ;-). You can check out his work by clicking "Charles T. Tart Home Page and Consciousness Library Online".