Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back to Our Old Apple Tree

Photo credit: NASA

Spread wide in sublimation

       Inside deep symbolic drifts

              In absence of all reason

                     Surge unsettling psychic shifts

                           The jigsaw of creation

                                   Forms an ever changing game

                                             Dimensions not encountered

                                                         Yet familiar all the same


With rules not comprehended

     Yet deeply understood

          That love will guide the pieces

               To a higher good

Eve spread 'em wide for Adam

       As the cosmic Eden burst

              Angels came on meteors

                     Saying prayers that they'd be first

                            Knowing they would encounter

                                   The Devils of the Highlands

                                          Fighting for our creation

                                                 A showdown in the Badlands

With rules not comprehended

     Yet deeply understood

          That love will guide the players

              To a higher good

Now my dear I will reveal

       Such are things I think and feel

              Sometimes when you wake at night

                     Kiss my hair and hold me tight

                              I pray that you soar with me

                                     Back to our old apple tree

We'll recreate what's meant to be

Under our sweet apple tree

The shade is oh so heavenly

There's all we need for you and me

We'll settle there, eternally

With rules not comprehended

Yet deeply understood

That love will guide us home again

To a higher good


  1. Beautiful, Susan! I love it!

  2. Wonderful Susan, very moving.

  3. Je vous remercie, mes chers amis <3

  4. Ah! You have all your signs and metaphors under control. Like a damned playwright, I have to get free of logic and start soaring as high as you. Excellent,

  5. Thanks, Reinhard. Due credit to my Mom, who would point out metaphors and symbols to me at every turn, even as it drove me crazy 'til I figured out she was quite perspicacious ;-)

  6. As you said, SO perfect:-)) I am happy to know about your creative work and will share this blog with others:-))

  7. Namaste & A HO, SistaHeather, U gorgeously DIVINE leader&healer of the SLO-est *Kind* (^_^)! I'll be sure to share knowledge of your creative work in service of advancing others who would also advance on this journey to who we are as encouraging brothers&sisters here on our blessed Pachamama...
    ...oh, look. I just did :^D
    <3 <3 <3